10 Low-investment Ideas To Get You The Business You Always Desire (Part 1)

It may seem like a large pile of checklists to get done when it comes to starting a business. It all depends on which industry you are focusing on and your investment cost along with managing skills. They decide success. However, not all kinds of businesses require a lot of logistics and upfront costs. Lucky for you, some low investment ideas allow you to get started first and minimize the trade-off choices. Anyone who wants to have a side hustle, up to ears with a hectic schedule can try on these ideas.

By dropping inventories cost, warehousing stuff you can optimize the resources on building brand marketing, excelling the customer services and product qualities. Below are five business ideas to consider with small investments.

1. Sell print on demand artworks like mugs, posters, postcards and tote bags

So you have gifted talents for creating arts and the know-how to promote them with a camera. You can consider using the print-on-demand business model to sell your works. People adore artworks and you can be there supplying them with the products you created. At first, it is crucial to build a solid audience and attract potential customers. Sell them at affordable prices along with promo codes. This will captivate a growing size of online users to click on your website to explore more and make buying decisions. Once you have built large enough followers, your business will grow equivalently.

Don’t narrow yourself to selling just a particular piece of work. You can flex your creativity on a handful of forms such as greeting cards, posters, mugs, framed wall art, or even T-shirts. To save actual printing costs, check out some mockup generators and digital templates such as Place.it to present your works. It will help you cut down costs on a full photoshoot.

2. Earn money from handmade products

DIY is never just a sheer hobby if you know when and where to promote your handcrafted products and monetize from them. Whether it is making soaps, candles, perfumes, or handmade potteries, your talent is what sets you apart from similar products on the market. Though this online business idea requires inventory management and shipping control, you can start with small loads and gradually upgrade them over time.

Some leading Shopify stores begin their journey by selling home-based items to their relatives and earning growing profits from the larger demand of customers. Also, doing this business is mainly about having trustful ingredients and authentic regulations in your product to keep your customers with you.

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3. Monetize from a large volume of audiences

Personal branding matters in a world where attention has become a precious asset. A lot of corporations are willing to pay for influencers who can capture the public attention. Creators and influencers, at the same time, are seizing this chance to make use of their popularity to monetize.

Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, whatever social platforms you are using, you are earning this wonderful chance to make more money from it, as long as you have a large enough potential engaged followers. There are some ways you can monetize from your influence, such as sponsoring a brand, selling products, Patreon, to name but a few. Remember you are playing the game of business rule which means it does not require millions of followers to earn money. Instead, build yourself a positive reputation and offer them what you promise.

Building strong and interactive followers can help with monetizing later in various ways from sponsoring to selling products
Building strong and interactive followers can help with monetizing later in various ways from sponsoring to selling products

4. Publish your book

A certain demand in the market is constantly looking for books from different genres. By creating one or more books and getting them published, you are selling untold resources to others and making profits out of it. When creativity is not a part of your limitation, you can freely compose your work and get it to publication. However, one potential challenge to dive into this business is that you have to be original, readers have their exquisite taste and will not buy until your style matches them.

One option for you is testing the result at first by self-publishing and using initial feedback to upgrade your quality and even packaging. You can even sell ebooks instead of physical ones if you want to save investment costs. For those who already have a social media account, you can make use of that to advertise your work and promote it to more people to purchase the items.

5. Offer digital courses by being an online teacher

The world is your oyster. Today with just a computer connected to the internet, anyone can acquire knowledge and become an instructor, as long as you are willing to share. There are a substantial number of learners out there who desire to pay for courses like composing music, drawing, writing, marketing, and so on. Selling intellectual assets is another way for creators to make money. You choose to become teachers. But you are not the only one, so staying competitive in the market is a must when selling online courses.

Anyone can become your potential client and can also leave you when you are not proficient enough. Take a break and wander around the internet to see the trend and what people are caring about most these days. You may come up with some potential ideas worth developing and attracting more learners to sign up. Think outside the box and let the originality speaks up.

The demand to learn something new daily is never out of date, so you can become a teacher and impart your knowledge of the world.
The demand to learn something new daily is never out of date, so you can become a teacher and impart your knowledge of the world.

In a nutshell

Low investment business ideas are just the beginning. You have a long way to prove yourself, gain market share, and become more aware of the market. The most important point to get recognized is pouring your heart into each product you created and selling them with all your efforts. It may take a while to gain profit, but you will obtain that profit goal eventually. Constantly testing the product, learning from experiences and constructive feedback from customers will make huge differences to the business as long as you stay humble and resilient. Also, you should invest some time to learn more about how to optimize your business efficiently such as getting Shopify apps. They offer great tools and features to support online merchants to manage their stores.