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Marketers always try to research the top tips and catch up with trends to stay ahead of their competition. And personalization is one of the power tools for brands to survive and increase their ROI. Personalization allows marketers to directly interact with individual consumers, whilst controlling the context and timing of the content that’s delivered.  […]

In today’s world, a customer desire more authentic brand experiences and a marketer desire closer relationships with consumers. That leads to an explosion of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands over the past few years. D2C disrupts established industries and cuts out the retailer in order to own the end-to-end relationship.  About D2C Brands Typically, D2C brands tend […]

We have written many articles about influencer marketing, but today we will deep into one aspect of influencer marketing, which is micro-influencers. If your brands are new and not big enough to partner with a famous celebrity, you can leverage micro-influencers instead.  What is Micro-influencers Micro-influencers are individuals on social media platforms who have between […]