The dangers artificial intelligence can pose to humanity

Artificial intelligence (AI) creates breakthroughs in the new era, but if not used properly and tightly managed, it will become a disaster for humans.

1. Taking away people’s jobs

AI is being widely applied in industries such as marketing, healthcare, and manufacturing. As AI robots become smarter and more skillful, the same tasks will require less human resources. While AI will also enable the creation of millions of new jobs, many workers will not have the skills needed for these technical roles and may be left behind. Even professions that require undergraduate or graduate degrees are not immune to the threat of AI. AI will take over fields such as law and accounting. AI is already having a significant impact on medicine.

2. Social manipulation using AI algorithms

A 2018 report assessed the potential for AI abuse to manipulate society as one of the top dangers of artificial intelligence. Cases of deep-fake news (fake news using sophisticated technology to replace images in photos and videos) are increasing. Technology allows bad guys to spread fake and misleading news, creating nightmare scenarios in which many recipients can hardly distinguish between truth and falsehood.

3. Financial crisis due to AI

The financial industry is one of the industries that easily accepts the participation of AI technology in daily transaction processes. Also, algorithmic trading could be the cause of the next major financial crisis. Although AI algorithms are not influenced by human judgment or emotions, they are flawed by not taking into account context, market interconnectedness, and factors such as trust and fear. of human. But the algorithms still execute thousands of trades at breakneck speed, with the goal of selling in seconds for a small profit. Selling off thousands of trades could scare investors into doing the same, leading to sudden crashes and extreme market volatility.