Some very useful examples that ChatGPT can help you with.

The ChatGPT can help you do a lot of things and below are some of the surprising things this chatbot can do. If you think ChatGPT is just an ordinary chatbot and are underestimating its capabilities, think again because it has a lot of surprising features. ChatGPT can help you write your resume and go on an engaging role-playing adventure, but it can do even more. In this article, we will find out together what ChatGPT can help us do.

1. Write a complete cover letter If you’re not a fan of writing cover letters, there’s no need to worry about that. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can hand over the writing of your cover letter to ChatGPT and the results will look exactly like they were written by a human. You can instruct ChatGPT to write a cover letter for a specific industry or position. Although you will need to slightly modify the letter to properly update your information and certificates, the template that ChatGPT creates will be very accurate. There was a test case where ChatGPT was asked to write a cover letter for a recent college graduate applying for a junior developer position, and the results it produced were quite good compared to expectations.

2. Write your resume on your behalf Writing a resume is not an appealing task for many people. However, asking ChatGPT to write your resume for you could be an interesting option. Just like when writing a cover letter, once ChatGPT creates your job summary, you can use it as a template for editing. The summary will leave blank spaces for you to fill in the company name, title and dates of employment, etc.

3. Generate product and company name suggestions Do you want great ideas for your company? ChatGPT can help you! Tell it that you want to start a hardware company that translates dog barks into English, and ask it to give you a list of potential brand names. 4. Write poetry and music Asking ChatGPT to write a song or a poem can succeed or fail depending on many factors. However, when I asked him to write a song about a dog colonizing Mars, the results were truly amazing. With some minor editing, the song could become a theme song for a children’s show or be adapted into a children’s storybook.